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What do coffee beans mean to you?

The coffee drinking revolution has gripped the world and is here to stay. Over the past ten to twenty years coffee houses have sprung up everywhere enticing more and more people to search for information about coffee and most importantly, how to make the perfect coffee beverage.


For years, a cup of tea was the preferred breakfast drink, especially in countries like the UK. But now that we have all become a lot more multi cultural we are taking on the social aspects of coffee drinking of the French and Italians with a vengeance. Meeting special friends during the day or on the weekend at your favourite coffee shop for a chat and a mug of java has now become an important part of nearly everyone’s daily lifestyle.

Many people are also interested to learn more about their favourite brew and coffee history is laced with legends, folklore and intrigue.

As coffee bean producers provide we consumers with so many different varieties now a whole new business has evolved in the way of coffee making classes.

Here you can find out how to be your own home barista or maybe you might just want to learn some roasting basics. Whatever it is you would like to know about coffee there is a class out there somewhere for you. Most of these courses only take a few hours of your time and are quite cheap to attend so they make the perfect gift for a coffee lover friend.

These days there is a never ending choice of top quality coffee making equipment and accessories available for sale. In fact, to the uninitiated, it is hard to know just where to begin. As your addiction grows and your palate reaches gourmet proportions for another cup of the dark roast you will want to try experimenting at home. Take the time to learn which beans, blends and styles are perfect for you and then you will have the knowledge to know the best coffee maker to buy to suit your drinking style.

As you become gripped with coffee fever you will find there are myriad items that will take your fancy. For example, if you are serious about quality then you will most certainly be in the market for one of the numerous coffee grinders available.

And then you have to have a vessel to drink your favoured caffeine brew from. Many believe a good coffee cup is just as important as the quality of the bean you use.

Next there is the furniture – what modern home doesn’t have a nice glass coffee table, or one of the other many designs around today that compliment your décor and add a special touch when entertaining friends.

We all know how inviting the aroma of freshly brewed coffee can be. Whatever it is that titillates your taste buds….an espresso coffee, short black, flat white, latte, cappuccino, Americano, affagato, macchiato, mocha or Turkish coffee our site is here to help further your learning and enjoyment of this great social phenomena.


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